New Jersey: Enhancing Transportation Options

Improvements in transportation are being made for New Jersey residents.  With a new ferry service and additional grant funding for enhancement in road services, there should be good news for commuters and locals moving around the region.

Ferry service is being brought to Newport, Jersey City.  The service – that will run between Newport and Manhattan’s West 39th Street Ferry Terminal – will be in operation every day of the week.  The terminal for New Jersey will be Hudson River Waterfront Walkway at 30 River Court.  Residents will get a discount on one-way fares.

The route will start at Newport and end at West 39th Street Ferry Terminal in Manhattan.  It will be available seven days a week. Newport’s new ferry landing will be located at the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway behind the East Hampton rental building at 30 River Court. Newport officials said residents will receive a discount on one-way fares.

Grants of $30.1 million have been provided by the New Jersey Department of Transportation to be put toward local roads used as freight conduits.  These  monies are part of the Local Freight Impact Fund program which has been established to provide assistance for the facilitation of heavy truck traffic.