New Jersey’s Rise to Fame

New Jersey is become quite the global business player according to local entrepreneurs.  Even some of the small companies are expanding and developing a global presence. According to New Jersey Business Action Center Executive Director Melanie Willoughby: “We are in a global marketplace now, and we want them to understand the value of expanding their business internationally.  Doing business […]

Cara Therapeutics Stock Sale

Cara Therapeutics just closed on Monday with a $145.5 million stock offering. This is their third major public offering in the last 2.5 years and they plan to use the proceeds to fund the work they are doing on a new drug they are submitting to the FDA for Korsuva injections. The funding will help […]

Unemployment Levels Keep Dropping

Certainly great news for anyone living in or near New Jersey – the unemployment rate for June indicates a record low of 3.5%. These statistics come from the state Labor and Workplace Development Department, which announced the findings for the month on Thursday. It’s the lowest monthly rate that they’ve seen since they started keeping […]

NY Economic Growth

According to Xinhua News Agency, this month New York encountered a substantial growth in its business activity.  There was an increase to 20.1 points for its main index number, with the general business conditions index surpassed expectations by of 15.5. In terms of people’s level of satisfaction/happiness at the office it was hard to tell […]