Eye Openers in New Jersey: What to “Watch”

Esco Optics Inc. has just opened a new branch in Oak Ridge, N.J.  The optical manufacturer is expanded its presence in the area and the new office will be known as Esco North.  According to Business Development Manager, Ron Schulmerich:

“This is exciting for everyone involved.  As a top optics provider, this office gives us a stronger footprint within the fabric of Rochester. It allows us to continue to foster great experiences with our customers and opens a more formal presence in the area.”

New personnel include:  Michael Vergo who is Custom Optics Design & Development Specialist and Joelle Brunetto who has been opened Sales Operation Manager. According to President of the firm, Lee Steneken: “We have over 60 years of optical heritage and we’re now positioned to grow our company and better serve our customers. It is with great pride that we are able to launch Esco North. This expansion is all due in part by our team in Oak Ridge, NJ.  We are a family that has stuck together because we love what we do. Our manufacturing capabilities continue to thrive in our new headquarters, and the addition of Esco North will be a vital component of our expanded service to all current and future customers, especially within the Rochester area.”