NJ: Navigating a New Normal

Last Monday local eateries began navigating a new normal following clearance to reopen outdoors.  Teaneck Township Manager Dean Kazinci put out a set of rules and regulations featuring social distancing, tables 6 feet apart with no more than 8 people per table, insurance, masks for employees (and customers who wish to dine inside) and extra hygiene precautions. 

In addition, all restaurants opening must give the township a Certificate of Insurance which has (at least) $1 million per occurrence, $2 million Aggregate General Liability and Statutory Workers Compensation Coverage.  Should the neighboring property owner agree (by written consent) the outdoor restaurant can extend to the sidewalk on the adjoining properties’ area. But, at least three feet of clear space on the sidewalk will have to be available for pedestrians. Each restaurant will be reviewed on its own merits and capacities to keep to the laws.

The other new law about social gatherings is in Executive Order 152. This restricts the amount of indoor gatherings to 25% of the original capacity.  This has to fall between the 10-50 people range.  In addition, face masks must be worn and six feet distance must be maintained by all attendants. With outdoor gatherings the number increases to 100.