Queens Protected Bike Lane

Last Tuesday, approval was given for the creation of a two-way protected bike lane on Crescent Street, Queens, New York.  The Queens Community Board 1 ruled that between Hoyt Avenue North and Queensboro Bridge a bike lane for cyclists would be created.  In fact, work on the southern part of the lane has already started but given the community board’s approval, less bureaucratic hoops will have to be jumped through for the undertaking of new infrastructure. 

Many locals – as well as those involved in the city’s infrastructure – have been pushing for this for years.  One such entity is Transportation Alternatives an advocacy group that has referred to the bike lane as a “no brainer,” given that such a commuter route is environmentally friendly and helps locals navigate the area much more easily.

In addition, the benefit of connecting Queens’ Long Island City to Midtown Manhattan, linking Roosevelt Island which is churning out a whole slew of tech entrepreneurs is a huge bonus. 

The bike lane – which will also be used by pedestrians – will be called Queens Ribbon and will cost $100 million.