Coronavirus in New Jersey: How You Can Help

For those who are more able-bodied and not immuno-compromised what can they do to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic?  There is much that can be done locally. Here we take a look at a few ways one can offer their help.

If you like animals and have often considered the possibility of housing one now is the perfect time.  as well as offering tremendous companionship – which is especially necessary during this time of social isolation – you will be relieving significant stress on the animal shelters.  Check out Adopt-a-Pet website for more details.

It is also a good time to give blood.  Obviously it is always a good time to give blood but right now there is a huge shortage due to the novel coronavirus.

For those wanting to keep their volunteer efforts specifically local there are the New Jersey Boys & Girls Clubs. Serving 70,000+ youth, the organization provides over a million meals and snacks per annum to youth in need for free. Their need for assistance has substantially increased since the beginning of the outbreak.