Jersey City’s Educational Election Costs

It’s a case of the good news and the not-so-good news.  On the one hand spending tons of money on anything political seems crazy but on the other hand, can one really put a price on education?

More money was spent on the most recent Jersey City Board of Education elections last month than has been in years.  The figure was over $590,000 for the five seats open (out of a total of nine on the board). 

According to Executive Director of Jersey City’s Election Law Enforcement Commission Jeff Brindle:

“Education is obviously a major concern to everyone. Also, you got to take into account the issue of property taxes which is related to school districts … property taxes are pretty high in New Jersey.”

Thankfully though the financial issue does not have to impact the kids themselves.  The
Back 2 School Illinois endeavor is always on hand to help kids from less wealthy families thrive in the classroom.

Organization CEO Matthew Kurtzman explained how they provide ‘back to school kits’ for kids in September.  However, since then, more supplies are needed so they are now collecting more.  For $18 a kit can be provided to one of the 1.2m Illinois kids from low-income families.  Apart from the actual necessary supplies that are provided, this also comes with a “boost to self- esteem by letting the student know they are worthy of learning.”