Creation of NJCWST

The New Jersey Center for Water Science and Technology has just opened.  In an effort to improve the quality of water in New Jersey as well as maintaining the condition of aquatic terrains, the center will serve as a crucial system for the residents of New Jersey.  It will also facilitate the management of the region’s current water sources.

Montclair State University will take a leading role in this new center, vis-à-vis the capacity it will be given to provide research, QA, and other assistance for the enhancement and management of local lakes, reservoirs, rivers etc.  Indeed, according to Biology Department Professor and New Jersey Center for Water Science and Technology Director, Meiyin Wu:

“The NJCWST is committed to keeping New Jersey’s drinking and recreational waters safe, and preserving the health of aquatic habitats. We hope to continue our work and remain an important resource for the state and its residents, and bring new data to the forefront that will help better manage our valuable water resources.”

To date, the educational institute has already taken a key role in water conservation efforts in the region.  It hosts some of the largest entities in this vein including the NJ Department of Environment Protection (where it is a partner) -certified Water Analysis Laboratory; the NJ Phytoplankton Lab, Habitat Connectivity Project and the Passaic River Institute.

But with the establishment of the NJCWST, Montclair State University will expand the work that it is engaging in, bolstering its services so as to offer water quality testing and tech assistance to conservation groups. it will also sponsor workshops to encourage education on this issue for K-12 students and the community at large.