New Jersey’s Rise to Fame

New Jersey is become quite the global business player according to local entrepreneurs.  Even some of the small companies are expanding and developing a global presence. According to New Jersey Business Action Center Executive Director Melanie Willoughby:

“We are in a global marketplace now, and we want them to understand the value of expanding their business internationally.  Doing business just in your home state is no longer going to help you grow exponentially. You really need to expand your horizons because there is so much competition in the marketplace. Small companies don’t realize their potential and that their products are wanted internationally, so that’s where the Office of Export Promotion comes in, where we can help them identify where their best markets might be. There are many international trade shows and companies are very interested in going there to be able to demonstrate that their products are very viable in the international stage.”

The Center was developed for locals to get easy access to much needed information from government agencies as well as guidance to officials and contacts, help set up meetings, and more, all for free and all completely confidential.   One branch of the center is Export Promotion which helps locals comprise an export plan for their businesses.

In 2018 most of New Jersey’s exports went to Canada, China, Germany, Mexico and the UK.  Items included: chemicals, computer products, electronic products and primary-metal materials.