Stamford, CT: Past, Present and all its Beauty

Connecticut – while traditionally best known for being The Constitution State and having Yankee Doodle as its state song – has many hidden unexplored gems.  Today we take a brief look at two of them:  Lakeside Diner and the current exhibition at Stamford History Center.

Of course there are a ton of diners throughout Connecticut but how many can claim to offer a view of a lake with ducks swimming by while sipping a hot cup of coffee and eating delicious homemade donuts?  Lakeside Diner, on Long Ridge Road offers that as well as a slice of Stamford history. Owned by Jane Agostino (who purchased it in 1987 with her husband Dominick), it has been maintained pretty much the same as it was when it first opened over 60 years ago.  She said:

“We’ve had to change the chairs a number of times over the years, but other than that it’s the same. The way it is today is the way it was built back then, so what you see is original.”

A new exhibit is being showcased at Stamford History Center entitled Holy Roots: The History of Houses of Worship in Stamford 1641- 2000.  This presents the growth of various religious persuasions from 1641 (when it was first established) until 2000.  Make sure you view the St. John’s Catholic Church original pew and original pages from The Stamford Advocate.