New Jersey: Happy Place to Be

According to a recent report from WalletHub – Happiest States in America – people who live in New Jersey are very happy, coming in at number five.   All 50 states were studied based on 31 different criteria including: emotional wellness, active physical participation, finances, etc. While New Jersey did not fare so well financially, the state ranked second lowest for the amount of adults suffering from depression and suicide.  It also had a low rate for divorce (fourth lowest).

Meanwhile, there is work being done by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority to re-launch a program to enable suburban towns to take empty retail and office properties and find a new use for them.  This is part of a larger “community investment” program put in place by Governor Phil Murphy repurpose vacant retail and office properties.  And is based on the fact that the state’s economy is encountering a metamorphosis which could be the reason why it did  not fare so well vis-à-vis finances. 

As such, five grants totaling $50,000 are being attributed to various cities and towns in New Jersey as part of its 21st Century Redevelopment Program