New Jersey Community Colleges Jobs Consortium

With the creation of the New Jersey Community Colleges Jobs Consortium, employers can more easily find college grads and undergraduates to fill positions at their office.  Thanks to a consortium established with the participation of 10 state community colleges, the process of matching bosses to appropriate job seekers will be facilitated.

This free service will be available initially to 10 member schools – over 50 percent of New Jersey’s state community colleges.  According to Passaic County Community College career specialist, Tom Moore this should result in the bolstering of job opportunities for these students since until now employers had a tendency to limit their search to those individuals studying in the community colleges nearest to them.

One educational institute in particular – the Salem Community College – is likely to benefit since according to career counselor Joe Pritchett, enrollment is on the lower side and thus often overlooked. With this consortium he believes the pool of employers will greatly expand. 

In addition, this consortium is a great way to keep local talent, local.  Rather than those in New Jersey having to relocate after college, they have more of a chance of staying in the area and thus bolstering the local economy too.