Connecticut: New 2020 Laws

Two days ago as we saw in the new year (and new decade), for people in Connecticut there were some new laws as well.  Indeed, 24 new laws have now been put in place and impact industries from technology to taxes, health policies and licenses. In this article we take a brief look at some of the new laws.

There is an existing 6.35% sales tax but this will now be expanded into other areas: dry cleaning, interior design, parking and safety apparel.  The new taxes are estimated to bring in around $25 million in the first year of collection.

The two year $250 business entity tax will be eradicated for all companies doing business locally.  While this will be pricey for the state (approximately $44 million in revenue in the next fiscal year), the extension of the sales tax will compensate this.

There is good news for CT drivers who will be given an extension of licensing renewal and registration for vehicles.  Instead of having to renew driving licenses every 6 years, it will now be eight years and motor vehicle registration is becoming every 3 years (instead of every two) with a proportional escalation in accompanying fees.

The state Department of Public Health has instituted a new certification program (to be renewed every 3 years) for community health workers.  They will now need to pay $100 fee and come with at least 1,000 hours experience to be recognized as public health professionals

Free training for state and local police will be expanded by the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.  This will help those working with those police who have to work with individuals on the autism spectrum.

These are just some of the new laws that will impact Connecticut residents and business owners.