Trump to Visit Wildwood

President Donald Trump is to visit Wildwood, NJ at the end of the month.  His campaign rally will take place at the Wildwoods Convention Center. Irrespective of one’s political leanings, this is proving good for local businessmen.  According to Days Inn & Suites manager, Chris Falcone, within 24 hours after the event’s announcement, all 50 rooms were booked out.  Located right across the arena, Falcone said he is still getting calls about reservations.

The timing couldn’t be better for local business owners since mid-January is typically very slow for tourism, etc.

Peter Byron, local Wildwood Mayor pointed out:

“This isn’t about whether you’re Republican or Democrat. It isn’t even about the man. It’s about the position. … Check your affiliation at the door, and let’s just all participate in this monumental [and] exciting time for Wildwood.”

In general, when such a powerful political figure visits a city, local businesses benefit hugely.  This is the hope for Wildwood, New Jersey with Trump’s upcoming visit.