Educational Institutes Bolstering Economy

Recent numbers have shown that the University of Connecticut has been providing a huge boost to the local state economy.  President of the University, Thomas Katsouleas pointed out that it had provided $5.3billion to the local economy. He said:

“UConn is part of a constellation of public higher education institutions in Connecticut, and they all bring great value. But as the sole public flagship research university in the state, we have a special responsibility to contribute to our economy and to our communities.”

A report was released from the university illustrating how every dollar spent at the educational institute resulted in a consequential $0.77 of economic output to the local economy.

Another way the education system is benefitting the local economy is through the recent endeavors of the Connecticut Partnership for Education. The organization is currently seeking educators and local leaders from the community to help take it to the next stage of its mission which is to aid those who are poverty-stricken and unemployable due to decades of neglect.  According to Gov. Ned Lamont:

 “We’re listening to teachers … asking them for their best ideas and giving them some resources to act on those good ideas. If we can energize our teachers, the positive momentum we have in our schools, you’ll see great results for our kids.”

This sentiment was echoed by President and CEO of the Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology and chairman of the Connecticut Partnership for Education Board, Erik Clemons. He said:

“This is about transforming the lives of young people who, for the most part, have been forgotten, and not only these young people, but also their communities who have been in poverty for so long.”